Sweet Sunday

I have a love hate relationship with Sundays.  I basically wish I could live a life of only Saturdays.  But this was a special Sunday that made the looming Monday far from my thoughts.  Sweet P crawled!  For the very first time!  She had been doing some scoot-roll-slide type movements to get herself around, but this was the first full on crawl.  I was such a proud Momma!  It really is an amazing sight to see- for weeks she had been rocking and trying to get her caboose going with little luck.  All of a sudden it clicked and she was off and crawling and she hasn’t looked back.  As if I didn’t have enough of an obsession of having clean floors.  I will be a mopping machine fo sho!

Anywho, we decided to continue the day of firsts with a trip to the park for a first ride in the ol’ swing.

“Ummmm… Momma… are you sure you know how to work this thing?”

“Where’s Daddy when I need him?”

“Keep cool Daddy, I don’t want to hurt Mommas feelings.”

Okay, I can’t hold it in any longer.  “This is AMAZING!”

He sure does love his little lady.

She even got to ride the pony.  This girl is obsessed with her ponies at home.  Yes, ponies.  She’s working on a herd in her bedroom.

This is right about when she tried to convince her Daddio to let her take this pony home with her.  I’m pretty sure he discussed the long term costs associated with owning a herd of ponies.  Feed, vet bills, boarding fees.

Apparently she’d rather save her money for college.  A girl after his heart.  Back home we went, without a pony.

Now THAT is a perfect Sunday.



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