Love it, Leave it

Love it.

The babe crawling to me and climbing up my leg waiting to be picked up. The look on the babes face when I pick her up from staying at Nana and Papas.  Who knew it would be so hard for me to not be with her all the time.  Taxes done, booyah.  Finding out we will actually be getting some cash money back this year, double booyah!  Having a baby really does pay off!  The slight chance Peyton Manning may be q-backing for the Chiefs, this would make one very happy husband!  Having a husband who will run to the gas station (keepin’ it REAL classy) to pick up coke and…. candy at 8pm.  That same husband grabbing us Starbucks the next morning while the babe and I lay in bed.   Yep, he’s a keeper.  Helping a good friend put together her wedding invites.  They turned out perfectly beautiful.  Skype conversations with my Momma.  I mean… pure craziness!  The part where we have to look at her sideways because she can’t figure out her camera is just the start.  Someone needs to follow that woman around with a video camera.

Leave it.

Daylight Savings Time.  Obviously whoever invented this doesn’t have children with a bedtime.  Burning my entire forearm with boiling water while cooking dinner.  Not being able to fully snuggle the babe because of the burnt arm.  Portland Trailblazers, get it together guys!

I’ll leave you with a picture of baby toes.  Happy Sunday!


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