Snow Day… in March

Today on our drive home from work it started to snow.  Problem is, it’s not December… it’s MARCH.  Late March!  This girl couldn’t be more ready for sunshine and sandals.  How am I supposed to wear those bright colored skinny jeans I see in every magazine?  It’s more like Uggs and wool sweaters around here.  Awesome.

Sweet P and I parked ourselves in front of the back slider and watched the white stuff come down.  Nothing was sticking since it had rained, rained, rained all day long.  The simplest things entertain this little lady.

Can we go out in play in it Momma?

Fast forward to now and it’s still snowing.  We probably have a couple inches piled up.  Did I mention it’s late March?  At least this made for a good excuse to have a nice cozy grilled cheese and soup dinner.  The man of the house will never know it was because I forgot to take the chicken out… again… for the third night in a row.  Wife of the year right here.


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