10 Months

Every month, on the third, I say the same thing.  How is Sweet P already (however many) months old?  The closer the BIG birthday gets the more crazy I get.  We’re having such a fun time with her and all of the new “tricks” she learns everyday but I can’t help but freak out about how fast time is flying by.  I’m sure every new parent goes through this very same thing.  I find myself constantly trying to remember to just enjoy the moments with her and not worry about how fast it happens.

I managed to slow her down for a moment when we got home from work to catch a few photos of her to document the big 10 monther!  :)  She was much more concerned with taking a big bite out of that ball than she was with a photoshoot.

And just like that she was over the ball and outta here to explore the far off land of the bathroom.  Ha! If you know me, you know I did not let that precious little babe crawl on a BATHROOM floor.  Nope, not gonna happen.

Happy 10 month birthday little babe!  We love, love, love ya!


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