Love it, Leave it

Love it.

The babe learning how to get around in her walker.  Like a boss.  Celebrating my little brother’s birthday.  Celebrating the Mister’s birthday with a laid back evening.  Just the three of us and a tiny cake.  Going to the Portland taping of Wheel of Fortune!  I love me some Wheel!  A beautiful, sunshine filled, Easter weekend.  Spending the day at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm Saturday morning.  Next year will be so fun for the babe to hunt eggs!  Easter day filled with family and delicious food.  Adult egg hunts that started out with the Mister tackling my Dad.  Finally getting around to making slutty brownies.  Well worth the wait, chocolate chip cookie, Oreo and brownie yumminess!  Maybe I’ll post the recipe this week.

Leave it.

Dinner time.  When I win the next massive Mega Millions I will hire a personal chef first thing.  I love to cook up healthy meals for the babe… not so much for the Mister and me.  Rain.  Yes, I mentioned sun above but we’re still getting lots and lots of rain too!  The same tiny human that has some sleeping issues doing her business in the tub.  Nuff said.

Working on an Easter post as well, but here’s one of my favorite snaps from our morning at the tulip farm.  Props to the Mister for catching one of my favorite photos of the babe to date.


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