diy: J.Crew Inspired Baby Leggings

The only good part of my babe growing up so fast is that she’ll be able to fit into Crewcuts before I know it.  They have a limited amount of baby clothes but nothing special.  Once those kiddos hit size 2 the cute factor explodes.  I was checking out one of the many emails I receive from them and stumbled upon these.  Adorbs!  Unfortunately, the babe is wearing 12 months leggings these days so they aren’t an option for her.  Boo!  I decided I’d pick up a pair of leggings and try to make a pair inspired by the Crewcuts style.

I picked up a pair of jeggings that were on clearance marked down to $3.49 from $18.  These are a little different from the inspiration pair, they have ruching up the ankle.  They looked like they were on the long side- exactly what my long legged babe needs!

I started with a couple of squares of chiffon about 1 1/2″ by 1 1/2″.  I didn’t measure, just eyeballed it.  They don’t have to be perfect, the next step makes it hard to make a mistake.  I cut out squares and rectangles because it was easiest.  I’ve made flowers for P’s headbands with fabric circles.  Either works great.  I cut three more squares, each one smaller than the one before.

Next step is to melt the sides of the fabric.  I used a tea light candle.  Just hold the edge of the fabric near the flame and it melts into a nice sealed edge.  This is where the magic happens and the sides curl up into a petal type look.

After I had all five petals finished with sealed edges, I just stacked them up!

Looks like a flower to me!  I hand sewed all five petals together and worked on a second flower.  After I had two finished flowers I hand sewed them onto the leggings.  I chose to put them right at the top of the ankle ruching.  My plan was to add more, but they looked pretty cute with one flower on each side.  Such an easy little project, only took about 20 minutes.  Since I already had the chiffon the project only cost $3.49 to complete!  Can’t beat that!

The possibilities are endless with these little flowers.  Perfect to add to basic spring pieces for the babe!


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