A Babe and Her Walker

Last week P finally realized she can get around in her walker.  Baby girl is cruisin’ around like a champ now.  Since the sun decided to shine down on us today we went for a walk to the park.  There’s something so funny/cute about a baby walking along the sidewalk in a walker… like she knows exactly where she’s going.  Shout out to Mooma for the new tennies!  P’s toes thank you as well :)

Ahhh, sun on the face feels so good!

Okay Daddy, it’s time for us to have a serious talk.  I’ll meet you over at the rail.

I’m coming, I’m coming.

Thanks for the pep talk Daddy.  I’m gonna take this ramp like a pro.  Just you wait.  One flying walker coming right up.

We had you going didn’t we Mommy?  Don’t worry!  Obviously I wouldn’t try to jump the ramp with out my safety gear on!!

Let’s just do some more running around.  I’ve gotta break these new kicks in!

Try to keep up Daddy!


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