Sweet Sunday: Family Day in PDX

Normally a weekend around here consists of lots of sports watching, cleaning and catching up on laundry.  We aren’t exactly the couple that spends exciting weekends out on the town with all the cool kids.  Most of the time I don’t even take a shower on Sundays!  There’s something about the sunshine coming out that makes you want to get out of the house and get moving!  The Mister decided we needed to take advantage of the good weather and find something to do outside on Sunday.  The zoo sounded like fun… but Packy the elephant was having his 50th Birthday celebration this weekend so we knew it would be a… well… zoo.  I crack myself up.  Anyways, that idea was out, battling crowds doesn’t excite me, especially not with the babe in tow.

We decided to go to lunch downtown and hang out at the waterfront.  We ended up taking a nice long walk around the loop which gave us a chance to do lots of people watching.  Those peeps definitely do a good job of keeping Portland weird.  There was a little fencing in full costumes a la “Role Models” as well as a gal walking a dog while a cat rode on her backpack.  Mmmmhmm.  And they call you the crazy cat lady, Mom.  :)

Not a bad view!

We even found a clean(ish) patch of grass to lounge around on for a while.  This didn’t last too long since the babe wanted to get out on that grass and play with goose poop which would inevitably end up in her mouth.  Not gonna happen.

P’s new favorite thing to do it to point, at everything she’s sees.  Did I mention she grunts when she points?  Lots of pointing and grunting going on around here these days.  This picture kinda makes me giggle.  Sing it with me, biiig guy on a littlllle blaaanket.

Who can resist baby toes?  I sure can’t!

That’s my smiley girl!  Please ignore my awful roots!  Momma needs a dye job!  I think my hairdresser was drunk the last time she did my hair.

Back to the car after a great afternoon in the sun!

Days like this make letting the laundry pile sit untouched fine by me.


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