Love it, Leave it

Love it.

Our new season ticket seats for the Blazers games.  Even though it’s not so easy to make it to the games these days, these seats may make it a little more of a priority :)  Now let’s just hope we have a better season next year.  Lunch with great friends and catching up.  Realizing the Mister has three weeks of vacation time to burn before mid June.  Purchasing the champagne for a good friends bridal shower next weekend.  Finding the perfect shade of coral baking cups for baked mac and cheese.  Taking 10 minutes to paint my nails.  Even though they’ll surely be chipped and gnarly looking in no time… they look good for the moment.  Breakfast with good people and their adorable babe.   Meals out with the little ones aren’t exactly a relaxing event, but it’s always fun to get the two babes together for some bff time.  Hanging out in the 80 degree weather at the Portland Zoo.  P’s first trip to the Zoo was a hit.  The sun may have made our little lady and all of the animals a little sleepy but a day in the sun with the fam is always a good day in my book.

Leave it.

The babe crawling over to me, climbing up to the standing position at my chair and fully chomping down on my big toe… and deciding it’s funny so she better hang on for a while.  Ouch!  Better stop sitting indian style in my chair.  Baby girl getting her first runny nose.  Luckily it only lasted a couple days.  Blowouts.  If you have a babe you know what I’m talking about.  Gas prices.  The Mister passing his sore throat along to me.

Caught on Instagram this week…

Smiles at the Zoo.  A fresh coat of paint.  Snack time at work.  Top Ramen and champagne.




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