Lions and Tigers and Bears…

Oh my!  We had another beautiful weekend here in the Northwest.  Since we’re all about taking advantage of this sunshine while it lasts we decided to spend Sunday at the Portland Zoo.  Checking another first off P’s list.  There are so many opportunities for “firsts” with the babe and I feel like it’s my job to make sure she experiences as many of them as possible.  That being said, we were ready to show her each animal and catch all of her reactions in pictures.  Most of the animals, however, had a different idea of how this was going to go.  Apparently when the sun comes out the animals take naps… inside… in spots the visitors can’t see.

Presley figured if the animals could sleep, so could she.

While she was snoozing we got to check out the animals that were up from their naps.  A giraffe.

A zebra.

A lion.  Really such an amazing creature.  Could you imagine seeing this bad boy in the wild?  I mean, those teeth!  Yikes.

Finally!  Our little lady was awake and ready to see some animals for herself.

The polar bears were out and about playing in their pool.  They really are so cute and so huge.

He gave us a little shake.

Taking a peek through the rocks.

Whoa, there’s a polar bear in there!

Meet the newest Junior Zookeeper!

Another perfect Sunday in the books.  Glad we got to spend it with Nana, Papa and Mooma!


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