Tulips and BFF’s

Sometimes all a little lady needs is some time at the tulip farm with her BFF.  These girls were destined to be the very best of friends before they were even born.  That is, if their parents have anything to do with it :)

Oh hey!  Yeah, this is just us being cute and making it look easy!

All the girls!

Someday they will be 16 and I will still be forcing them into these shoes for a photo.  Yeah, I’m gonna be that kind of mom.

Our wonderful friends- the Tulip family :)

Okay, she was pretty darn cute from the front side… but I think this is even cuter!

These three were obviously having a very serious talk.  Solving the worlds problems I’m sure.

One last one of my babe.


Maybe someday I’ll let her pick her own friends- but right now I think I’m doing a pretty good job of picking them for her.



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