Uncle Love

I’m not exactly a fan of tattoos.  I mean, they are totally fine on other people… but I just don’t know if I would ever go there personally.  My brother, however, is all about tattoos.  He has much more skin that is covered by them than skin that isn’t.  I often wonder if he’ll wake up when he’s 80 (or forty!) and wonder what the heck he was thinking.  Something tells me he won’t.  Every time he gets something new we give him a hard time about it, never tell him we like them.   Just shake our heads and move on.

Then he got this one.

He adores our little lady and this might just be too sweet.  I’m sure I’m totally ruining his street cred by calling it sweet- but it is just that.  There it is.  Smack on the back of his head.  Sure it will be covered by hair soon enough.  But it’s there, always.

Presley is such a lucky girl to be loved by so many people.  Each of us have our own way of showing it.  I just might be inspired.


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