I used to be a person who could sleep through anything.  There really wasn’t much that could disrupt my rest.  Then I got pregnant.  Most of my pregnancy I couldn’t sleep… which left more time to organize the same drawers over and over and vacuum like a crazy person.  When the babe was born she started sleeping for seven or so hour stretches when she was about 3 months old and I thought we had lucked out with a little sleeping machine.  Around 6 months she decided she wanted to wake up to party multiple times during the night.  A couple weeks ago I was beginning to question just about everything I was doing, what she was eating and anything else I could think of.  WHY couldn’t I get my little lady to sleep more than a three hour stretch?  I was beyond tired and honestly felt just about brain dead.  Just when it was all catching up with me and I was at my breaking point she slept all the way through the night, from 8:30pm till 7am!  So… maybe the baby monitor died and she didn’t actually sleep through the night… but it still counts right? We thought it was a fluke and figured we’d be back to our old routine with a fully charged monitor.  And then she slept through the night again… and again… and again.  We’re going on 7 nights now!

I have NO clue how it’s happened but I have to say- SLEEP IS GOOOOD!  REAL GOOD!  Now let’s just hope this lasts :)

In totally unrelated news, the babe and her BFF were all about sharing the love the other day.  Adorbs!


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