Warm Evenings, Long Walks

We’ve been lucky enough to have several nice warm evenings in a row and we’ve been taking advantage of it.  Tonight we made the loop around the field behind our house.  Of course, I brought the camera.

We plopped her down in the long grass…

She’s been coming up with so many new facial expressions lately.  This particular expression usually comes with monkey like noises as well.  She’s most likely trying to figure out how to devour all of that grass around her.

Baby eyelashes are pretty great.

Time to get that jacket off and do some walking practice.  Serious business.  She’s a flower girl in a wedding in less than two months.  It’s go time.

Here we go!

A little fresh air is good for us all!

Did I mention it’s been almost TWO weeks of sleeping through the night bliss for this Momma.  Gotta love that!  The babe has been eating like a little piglet lately and I can’t help but think that maybe it’s helping her sleep longer.  (Who knows, who cares… as long as it’s working!)


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