We Hide Books…

As weird as it may seem… we hide books from the babe.  The girl has a very real obsession with all books, but there is a major issue with a few of them.  The second she spots them she has to have it read to her pronto.  It’s gotten so bad that we have hid the books that she seems to love the most so we can get through things like diaper changes without her going into a full blown gimme that book frenzy.  I guess there could be much worse things for her to get hooked on :)

Watching her climb into that chair, book in tow, was pretty cute.  This poor book has been put through the ringer.  It’s become part of her bath routine with the singing done by her Daddy.  It got dropped into the tub a couple weeks ago and we thought for sure it was a goner, but it’s pluggin’ along blasting Mickey Mouse songs.

We are officially on the less than two week countdown to her FIRST BIRTHDAY party.  Hopefully I’ll actually be able to get all of the fun projects I’m working on finished up before then.  I’m extra hopeful that all of these projects will distract me from freaking out at the fact that I will soon have a one year old.  I never thought I would be so emotional about it but I sure am.


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