My Baby Turned ONE

I did great all weekend until tonight at bath time.  Finally it all hit me and the tears started welling up.  Everyone I’ve talked to over the past year has told me to enjoy each moment because the time will fly by.  Man does it.  We have been so lucky to have a happy and healthy little girl.  She has given us the best year of our life- by far.  I still miss being in the hospital the weekend she was born and soaking in the time with family and our closest friends.  Since that weekend we have celebrated so many “firsts” with her.  It’s amazing what you’ll keep track of, her first ride in a shopping cart, her first Starbucks (don’t worry, just a vanilla bean frapp), the first time she pooped in the tub… the list goes on and on.  Anyways, I’m obviously sentimental right now and rambling on and on but the moral of the story is I love my baby girl more than I could ever attempt to put into words.  She is BY FAR my best accomplishment.  Happy 1st Birthday Presley Ryan!! WE LOVE YOU!

One last snap from our walk back home.  Imagine what the people who passed us on the path thought… I had P and a giant balloon (plus an awesome outfit) and the Husband was carrying her highchair and a rocking horse.  Just another day in his awesome life.

We started a birthday tradition this morning by fixin’ up some cake batter pancakes with LOTS of sprinkles.  They were really yummy- tasted just like birthday cake.  I used a recipe I found on Pinterest.

I think she liked them!

Here’s a snap from today at her low key family party.  I’ll post about her big birthday bash tomorrow.


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