This weekend we celebrated Steph’s last official wedding event before the big day- her bachelorette partay!  It was supposed to be the first time I spent the night away from the babe… until we realized we’re kinda getting old and we were all pooped by midnight :)  So, home I went to a baby who was just fine without me.  This whole no more breastfeeding thing is going much easier than I thought it would.  Knock on wood!  Anyways, back to the last fling festivities.

The beautiful bride-to-be!  Multiple people spotted the blonde in the sash and tiara and thought she was a princess/beauty queen.  I’m pretty sure the little girl who spotted the “princess” was devastated she didn’t get to take a picture with her.


This little drink is delicious fruitiness at first and then it kills you with HABANERO infused vodka.  No thanks.  I’m definitely not into that!  That nice sweet pineapple mojito in the background is more my style.  :)

Canby crew!

Aaand, don’t ask me how- but P’s favorite crabby made a cameo :)

Congrats to Steph!  So excited for the happy couple!


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