Wagon Ride

I had the vision of an aqua Radio Flyer wagon I couldn’t get out of my head.  Perfect for the babe to ride around in at Nana & Papa’s, the farmer’s market, Christmas tree farm, you get what I mean.  Problem is, Radio Flyers are red.  Gorgeous shiny red.  I wanted aqua… and the husband made it happen with a little spray paint and a lot of determination.  :)  Okay, actually, there was a lot of spray paint too.  The project turned into a much bigger project than planned but the wagon turned out so perfect!  Good work Daddio!

A wagon ride isn’t complete without her pal the sheep.

A good portion of the ride was spent with her flailing her arms around with delight.

And chewing on her shoes.  I’m not sure what companies are putting into baby shoes these days, but it must taste good because she looooves them!

Happy Monday Ya’ll!


One thought on “Wagon Ride

  1. Bravo Todd Ricksger! The wagon was a success – wonder what she has in store for your next project? heeheehee

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