S’more Pops

Who doesn’t love S’mores?  They make me think of summertime, camping, hunting around for the perfect stick and sticky fingers.  This weekend I made these pops for a friends baby shower- so yummy and couldn’t be easier to make!

Let me break it down for ya.  You need chocolate to melt (I had Baker’s but chocolate chips would work just fine too), graham crackers, marshmallows and a nifty torch.  I had never used my torch before… fun times!  It took a good 15 minutes for the Husband to figure out how to fill it with Butane but after that I was a torching machine.  Those marshmallows never knew what hit ’em!  I used the torch to toast the top half of the marshmallow but left the bottom untoasted.  I was worried that if I toasted the whole thing the chocolate might pull the marshmallow apart when I dipped it.  (Let’s see how many times I can say type torch and toasted)  After you give them a good blast with the torch let them cool then dip the bottom half into the chocolate and then dip in the crushed graham crackers.  Voila!

I added sticks to these because we were sticking them into adorable tiny hay bales as part of the baby shower decor.  SO CUTE!

Action shot!

Happy Monday campers!


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