Baby Fever?

Last night we went to visit two great people and their new baby.  He was born at the same hospital as Presley… and I’ve gotta say,  it was kinda weird walking in there.  Made me all mooshy gooshy reminiscing about our time in the hospital with a new babe.   I feel like I’m the only weirdo that misses being in the hospital.  It was such a special time for me with our closest family and friends giving our new babe lots and lots of love.  Or it might have been the pain meds.  Ha!

Back to baby Cole (love his name)- he’s just perfect.  A little early, pretty tiny, but just perfect.  Instead of stealing him I decided I’d just force him to agree to marrying P in about 35 years.

Welcome to the world little man!

{I decided I’d let his Momma and Daddy debut him on the internets- so here’s a sneak peek :)}


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