diy: Momma & Baby Lace Pocket Jeans

I’ve had a pair of jeans from high school sitting up in the top shelf of my closet for the past few years.  I’ve almost thrown them in the Goodwill pile a couple of times but just couldn’t part with them.  They’re in the perfect soft worn in condition.  Today I decided to just go for it and cut them into shorts.  What better way to give them a little update than with some lace on the pockets.  I’m love, love, loving lace right now and thought it would add a sweet girly touch to my old jeans.

Start with a pair of jeans- old or new.  Not everyone hangs on to their high school jeans (my class will be celebrating our 10 year reunion this summer!).

I picked up 1/4 yard of lace fabric at Joann’s.  That set me back a whopping $1.20.  Big spender!

Trace the pockets on Heat n Bond – I traced them slightly smaller than the pocket so the lace didn’t poke out over the edge.

Once I had the Heat n Bond the right size I placed it on the lace and ironed it on.  Make sure you have your iron on a non steam setting, run your iron over it for a few seconds and you should be good to go.  Cut around the outside of the paper so you have a pocket shape ready to be ironed onto your jeans.

Peel off the paper backing and place it on the pocket, lace side up.  Since the lace is “holey” (yes that’s the technical term, ha!) I used an old t-shirt in between the lace and my iron.  Run your iron over for a few seconds.  You can check to make sure the lace is stuck and keep ironing until it’s bonded.

And there you have it!  Next step would be to sew around the edge of the pocket.  (I hand sewed this part)

Darling!  Wanna know what’s even more darling than these?  BABY lace pocket jeans!  :)  Adorableness overload!

Happy diy’ing!


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