diy: Blanket… So Easy Even A Baby Could Make It!

Okay, so maybe a baby couldn’t make it.  The whole part where there’s a machine operated needle should probably rule out any baby participation.  My sewing skills are extremely basic, as in, 8th grade sewing class basic.  I wanted to make a special blanket for the babe’s Nana but I was freaked out about screwing her blanket up so first I made one for Sweet P.  I found the cutest fabric and couldn’t pass it up.  (Side note: There’s a ton of really cute girl type fabrics and not very many options for boys… basically someone I know needs to have a girl so I can outfit them with all the blankets they would ever need!)  She’s getting too big for a lot of her baby blankets so I made her a nice big one.  After getting that one all finished up (and doing a photo shoot) I whipped out the next one… and they BOTH turned out pretty darn good.  Proof that it’s stupid easy.

I used this tutorial I found on Pinterest… she does a great job explaining the steps for the sewing challenged like myself.

Love this fabric!  Very Missoni like.

Right after I finished it up I started to bring it over to the babe and she grabbed it and rubbed the soft fabric up against her face and then gave it a love… no joke.  I mean, that makes me want to make her 1,000 blankets!  Fast forward 15 years and this will probably still work on me!

Right about this time Daddio pulled in the drive way.  We were so busted!  Hanging out in the front yard with no pants on!

She gives him the best “welcome home” ever!

Aren’t our hydrangeas gorgeous?!  I love them!  Too bad the damn things are full of spiders…


5 thoughts on “diy: Blanket… So Easy Even A Baby Could Make It!

      1. Thanks. Is it just plain cotton (like you quilt with) or is a different type of material. The photo looks like it’s a stretchy type.

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