My Happy Place

This last weekend we made the drive over to Eastern Oregon  for a 50th wedding anniversary party.  The party was in Vale which happens to be right near where my parents grew up, a tiny town called Harper.  This was where I spent my summers growing up going back and forth between my Dad’s parents farm and my Mom’s parents ranch.  It really is my happy place.  I have so many great memories of the adventures my brother and I shared there.  Both sets of grandparents have moved so it’s always nice to get a chance to get to go back.  It’s crazy how much things have changed yet not really changed at all.

Did I mention this was the babe’s first (long) road trip?  Thank goodness for the ipad!

Little Valley

Back behind these fields there’s a pond that we spent many hours fishing at.  We also “helped” my grandma move water in the field behind this front one.

We stopped by one of their neighbors and the babe got to hang out with the CUTEST mini donkeys.  The husband may come home to a pair of donkeys in our back yard one of these days. :)

These two were so sweet with P.

I think she needs a couple of these under the Christmas tree this year!


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