A Good Night

Cheers to two years.  Annual toast pic.  We had dinner at Screen Door, which was delicious.  Yummy southern comfort food.  Hellllllo mac and cheese and fried chicken!

Wedding day bow.  The only piece of wedding day jewelry the mean Air Tahiti people didn’t steal.  Allegedly.

Next stop, Salt & Straw for some ice cream.  There was a long line out the door but it was so worth the wait.  The story of how the shop came to be is pretty darn awesome too.

Waiting in line :)  Keeping myself entertained.  I shoe spy and the husband people watches.

They have lots of amazing flavors like pear with blue cheese, honey balsamic strawberry with cracked pepper, sweet summer corn buttermilk sherbert and lots of other yummy-ness.  We are not exactly the most adventurous people when it comes to food so I opted for sea salt with a caramel ribbon and the man got rocky road with honey marshmallows and candied hazelnuts.

My little scoop was hard on my spoon.  Or maybe it was just my aggressive ice cream eating style?

To top it all off I got this adorable sweater.  Anniversary number two was a good one!


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