oh, hey weekend!

This weekend is gonna be a busy one with a football game and birthday party to attend {I’m in charge of the cupcakes :)} and LOTS of wedding projects to complete for my cousin’s wedding next weekend.  I’m not sure how well I’ll do fitting it all in, but we’ll find out!

I think we all might need a good nap Sunday afternoon.

A little weekend randomness:

I love Lay Baby Lay and this adorable playroom art is hitting home right about now.  Any advice for cute little girls who like to (ahem) bite?  This Momma needs some help!

I’m obsessed with Hard Knocks on HBO.  Obsessed.

How about this amazing idea.  Duff (remember Charm City Cakes?) has opened a shop called Duff’s Cakemix in LA.  They bake the cakes and you get to decorate them.  This would be SUCH a fun place to take kiddos!  Someday, when I open my dream bakery it will have this :)

Somebody has a birthday coming up and just might like to open a box and find these.  Just saying.


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