A Sweet Treat

The babe had her 15 month doctors appointment today- which meant 3 more shots :(  I feel so awful holding her down to get the pokes, but she’s always such a trooper.  There’s about 30 seconds of tears and then she’s back to smiling and waving to the nurse.  I figured taking her out for ice cream is the least I can do.  Cake batter fro-yo with Oreos and LOTS of sprinkles makes everything better.

Presley Ryan’s 15 month stats:

24 pounds (75th percentile)

19″ head circumference (95th percentile and quite the noggin!)

33″ tall (off the charts… literally)

Obviously she’s growing like a little weed.  I wish I could grow two inches in three months!  The doctor also let me know that she’s getting her two year molars.  One’s about to break through and the others are pretty swollen.  I swear, we never realize when she’s teething.  Hopefully these toofers are as easy on her as the others were.

We are so lucky to have a healthy babe!


2 thoughts on “A Sweet Treat

  1. Our girls are right on track with each other – Zane is just a touch younger. She has almost the same stats – talk and skinny like her dad!

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