diy: Chevron Pumpkin (It’s Fall Ya’ll!)

I’m still in denial of the fact that fall is here.  The only good things about this time of year are boots and fall decor (oh, and CANDY).  I was trying to wait to do any fall decorating until October 1st, but I couldn’t wait to try a chevron painted pumpkin.  It turned out being really easy.  You just need a nice round (a taller one would have worked better) pumpkin and some masking tape.  I used 1 1/2″ but you could use whatever width you want depending on the size of the stripe you’d like to achieve.

I just started my pattern using 3 1/2″ strips of tape and eyeballing the pattern.  I wish I would have done three rows of tape rather than two- it would have made the finished product look better.  Oh well.

There ya have it!  We took some hydrangeas from my front yard and gave them a facelift with some gold spray paint.  They had faded a bunch already so the muted colors with the gold turned out really pretty (and cheaper than cheap- free!).


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