16 Months

Happy 16 Months Miss Presley!

Here we are with our not so baby girl another month older.  I know I say it every time, but she’s really at such a fun stage right now.  A little bit of an attitude is still here (and probably here to stay) although she seems to get over her ‘tude pretty quickly and replaces it with a grin.  Her favorite toons are still Mickey and Doc McStuffin.  She loves to have breakfast in our bed, which leads to us finding Kix stuck to us daily.  I have to say, the little white chihuahua is really slacking on clean up crew duties in the morning.  The little lady is very into sharing right now, one Kix for her, one for the dog.  One cookie for her, a couple for the dog.  One goldfish for her, a handful chucked all over the floor for the dog.  If the tiny little pooch manages to not become severely obese it will be a miracle.  Speaking of the little white chihuahua- he’s still not sure what to think of the babe.  Presley, however, has already decided that they need to be best friends.  We’ll see how that goes.

She’s loving milk in a major way, tomatoes, cucumbers, mac and cheese, pizza, yogurt, chocolate pudding and chicken are some of her current favorites.  Last night she said “bath” for the first time.  We’re really noticing lots and lots of jibber jabber turning into something a little closer to the English language.  She entertains everyone in Starbucks each morning when we stop for our morning pick me up.  She goes straight to the refrigerator case and smiles and talks to the moo cow on the milk cartons.  She’s running everywhere, not walking, running.  The days of getting her dressed in snap are over.  Now it’s a process of chasing her around trying to get each piece of clothing on while dealing with a greased pig.  Her most favorite thing to do is move ALL of her toys from one area and neatly stack them in another, and repeat.  She also wants to “go” everywhere, which means grabbing your hand and leading you wherever she pleases.

The best part about month 16 has been her big hard hugs and sweet smooches.  Once you get her started smooching she’s ready to give one to every person in the room.

We love, love love ya Sweet P!

Also a Happy Birthday to my friend Steph!!! She’s a whopping 348 months old today!   Aren’t you glad we stop talking about our ages in months as toddlers :)  I hope you have a perfect birthday and that new husband of yours spoils you!

We’ll forever be 14 year old girls wearing sweater vests and having fabulous photo shoots!


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