To Cut or Not to Cut…

A certain little lady got her very first haircut tonight.  Actually, I’m not really sure if it can be classified as her first haircut… it was just a bang trim.  I basically distracted her by letting her bang on the computer keyboard while I hacked away just praying not to stab her in the eye.  It was a hot mess for a while but it actually turned out pretty darn cute.  She’s working a very stylish side swept bang like all the big celebs :)

I had a major panic moment midway through vacuuming the hair up off my desk…. I FORGOT TO SAVE SOME!  Good new friends, I found a little “clump” that was stuck under the keyboard and it’s now safe and sound in her baby book.  Phew!

She also got her very first bake set today :)  That rolling pin!  She did a lot of chasing the dogs around to get back her cookies and cupcakes.  Someday I’ll just lounge around on the couch while she slaves away in the kitchen cooking dinner and baking dessert.  Someday.


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