Oreo Birthday Cake

Oreo Birthday Cake PP

Around here we loooooove Oreos, so for the Mr. ‘s Birthday I decided to cram as much Oreos in a cake as I could.  It really couldn’t be more simple, you just have to beef up a regular old box cake.

Oreo Birthday Cake 2 PP

Follow the directions on the box for the cake and add about 12 crushed Oreos to the batter.  Pour the batter into two 8″ round pans.  Save about 1 cup.  Lay as many whole Oreos into the batter as you’d like, I put about 7 in each pan.  Use the left over batter to cover each of the Oreos.  Bake!

For the frosting put 4 cups of powdered sugar in your mixing bowl and add 2 sticks (1cup) of butter into the bowl.  Mix on high for 3 minutes.  (Start slow or you’ll have a powdered sugar explosion :)  Scrape the bowl and add 1 tsp vanilla and 2 tablespoons of whipping cream, mix on high for another couple of minutes.  Around the last 30 seconds or so add some crushed Oreo.

Let the cakes cool and frost that Oreo goodness.  You can’t have a birthday cake without sprinkles so go ahead and add lots of those too!

Did I mention the Mr. turned  30 last week?  Must be rough being that old.  Lucky for me I still have about 6 months to go :)


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