Pres Turns Two!


I’m just going to come right out and say this is going to be a sappy Momma post, so be warned!  My girl turned two on Monday.  I really can’t believe it’s been two years since we spent a weekend at the hospital with our new little perfect babe and our closest friends and family.  If I could just put that weekend on repeat and live it over an over again forever, I would.  Since I can’t, I get to enjoy her growing up into a sweet with a side of feisty little lady.  Or maybe it’s feisty with a side of sweet?  Anyways, I think she’s perfect and so does her Daddy.  We are so lucky to get to be her parents.  Even when she throws her dinner all over the kitchen floor and poops in the bathtub.  Just keepin’ it real y’all.

Her big Birthday bash was on Sunday.  All her favorite people were there to help her celebrate.  More on that shindig later.

Aaaand we made her a teepee!  Apparently I’m a little late on the teepee train but I’m so obsessed with it.  She’s not quite as obsessed with it… yet.  I’ll convince her it’s the most awesome thing ever once it moves into her bedroom with her sheepskin and some books.  I searched online to buy one and finally decided making it was the way to go so we could pretty it up and make it a girly teepee.  I love the way it turned out!

I have SO many posts to catch up on!  Come back soon!

xoxo toni 2


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