Our Weekend Instagrammed

As I turned onto our street tonight on my way home from work, I noticed that the tops of the trees lining our street were already turning red.  How can that be!?  It feels like summer just started and I’m not ready to be heading into fall yet.  We’re trying to really cram as much fun into the end of this summer as we can.  This weekend was the first in several that we were home for the entire weekend, and it was a good thing since it was time for the fair!  Every little girl needs a pair of boots for the fair.  Since she had outgrown hers, Mooma took her to get a new pair :)

081913 New Boots

081913  Fair Outfit

She loved them so much.  Insisted on wearing them all day.

On Friday night we met up with friends and took the girls to see all of the animals, eat lots of fair food and ride the carnival rides.  I still can’t believe our little girl is tall enough to ride the kiddie rides.  She and her bestie, Avery, ran from ride to ride having so much fun.  It was pretty darn adorable.  More peeeease!

081913 Carnival Rides

081913 Game Hug

081913 Pooper Scoopers

081913 Petting Goats

081913 Rodeo Girl

Saturday night we went to the rodeo which she also loved.  We ended the night with deep fried Oreos which is always a good idea if you ask me :)

xoxo toni 2


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