Boho Chic Teepee

This is probably one of my most favorite things I’ve made my girl so far.  After searching (and searching) for the perfect teepee to get Pres for her 2nd Birthday I decided to just give making one myself a shot.  I’m SO glad I did.  It ended up being a really easy and fun project that I was able to make just the way I wanted.  There are lots of adorable teepees you can purchase online but they were all mostly either really basic or geared towards a boy.  I wanted a sparkly boho teepee for the Birthday girl :)



After browsing Pinterest for what seemed like forevvvvvver, I found a couple of tutorials that I used for the basics of the teepee.  This one ended up being the most helpful with the basic assembly of the teepee.  However, I only followed step one (we only used 5 poles instead of 6) and step two.  After that I went rogue.  I used pvc piping, 5′ x 1″ which the Mr. spray painted gold for me.  For the fabric I used duck canvas.  Here’s whatcha need:

5 pieces of 1″ x 5′ pvc pipe

Spray Paint (If you want to paint the pvc)

3 yards x 60″ duck cloth (you can get this in several colors too)

32 grommet sets


assorted ribbons

Like I said, I followed steps one and two from Sew Mama Sew’s tutorial.  We found that by using 5 pipes instead of 6 the fabric went all the way to the ground rather than leaving a space between the ground and the edge of the fabric.  Just seemed to fit better.  Once we had the poles up and tied together with twine (she used rubber bands) we wrapped the canvas around the frame and marked where we wanted the grommets to go.  We ended up putting grommets at each pole in the middle of the pvc pipe and another set about 6 inches up from the bottom.  We just eyeballed it and marked the fabric where the grommets would go.  Once all of the grommets were on we tied the canvas to the poles.  Next up was adding grommets to each side of the top of the fabric panel to create the door or opening to the teepee.



Once I realized I didn’t want the raw frayed edge of the fabric to show I folded it back about 1 1/2″ and used hot glue to keep it in place.  Fold the fabric inside so it doesn’t show.  Next we added 4 rows of grommets to the top of each sides of the opening.  Just like with the poles we eyeballed it and marked where we wanted the grommets to go then removed the canvas from the frame and put the grommets on.  Just thread a ribbon through the grommets, tie with a big bow and you’ve got a teepee!  Then it’s on to the fun part, decorating!  I found several different types of ribbon at Joann’s- my favorite is the gold glitter ribbon!  I didn’t sew a single inch of this ribbon on, it’s all attached using hot glue.





I just winged it and added ribbon all over.  You could do so many things to decorate it, you could even use paint.  It was nice to be able to be able to use colors that match her room which would have been impossible had I decided to purchase one.  Right now she doesn’t really have anywhere to put it in her room so it’s hanging out in our spare bedroom not getting much use.  Once we redo her room with a big girl bed we’ll have the space to put it in there and hopefully she’ll love it as much as I do.  How fun will it be for her to curl up with a book in her cozy teepee!?!










Happy DIYing!!

xoxo toni 2


32 thoughts on “Boho Chic Teepee

  1. This teepee is adorable and it is by far one of the cutest I have seen for a little girl. props for making it all yourself.

  2. The fabric isn’t a perfect square to come out to a perfect triangle. How did you address the extra inches on the triangle in order to cut the small and large half moons? Should we use 4 yards of duck cloth instead of 3?

  3. hello want to communicate with you to see if I can make a Teepe equal or similar to what you did to your daughter .. please let me know how I communicate with you

  4. Hello,

    Love this teepee…gonna attempt one myself

    Just curious about the 32 grommet sets…did you use all of them?

  5. What color/brand spray paint did you use for the pvc pipes? Also, is 7oz canvas heavy enough or would i need to go thicker?

  6. Hi! Im very excited about this project! However, I cut my duck cloth & I cant het it to lay on the poles so that the back & front are the same length. The back of the teepee comes a few inches off the floor, & the front lays a few inches on the floor, & no matter what I do I can’t make it work. Any suggestions on how to remedy this? I’m not tje best at this stuff, but I want to keep learning! Thanks!

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