DIY Holiday Garland

DIY Holiday Garland 1

I know this type of fabric garland isn’t anything new (we actually made this garland for Presley’s 1st Birthday).  BUT, what’s great about this garland is that you can switch it up depending on what holiday’s coming up.  For this one I went with leaves and a pumpkin, but I’ll switch that out for maybe Christmas trees or stars once Thanksgiving has passed.  You can also switch out the colored ribbon depending on the season.  Lots of possibilities with the neutral fabric.  I always find myself going back to white and burlap so I’ll be able to use this over and over.

DIY Holiday Garland 5

The basic part of the garland is stupid simple.  Take a piece of twine and tie on strips of fabric.  I used both muslin and some leftover linen from Presley’s lamp project. The strips were about 30 inches long.  Next you make the burlap/duck cloth leaves or pumpkins or both.  I googled “leaf outline” and “pumpkin outline” and printed them in the size I wanted.  I cut those shapes out and traced them on a heavier paper (I used the back of an old coloring book) so the stencils are a bit more sturdy.  Use your stencils to trace and cut out your leaf or pumpkin on your fabric.

DIY Holiday Garland 3

After it’s cut out I laid it on a burlap square that was a little bigger than my shape.

DIY Holiday Garland 4

Sew the cutout onto the burlap.  I used a sewing machine but you could also use embroidery yarn and hand sew them.  After the cutout is attached to the burlap you just simply cut the burlap along the shape so about a 1/4″ sticks out around the shape.


Use a piece of string and loop it through the leaf’s stem so you can tie it on to the garland.

DIY Holiday Garland 2

So easy!

xoxo toni 2


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