Our Weekend Instagrammed

Okay, so this is going to be more like our last two weekends Instagrammed :)  Weekend before last we took Pres and two of her friends to a huge pumpkin patch.  I think everyone else in the Portland area decided to go that very same day, it was packed.  The weather happened to be great after being awful for quite a stretch so everyone was trying to get in the fall activities before the rain showed up again.  The kids had so much fun.  We had 10 adults between 5 kids and it seemed like we were herding cats the entire time.  I think there just might be something to the whole kid leash thing ;) HA!

But serisously, how cute are these girls!?



Nothing like a fresh, crisp apple to share with your BFF :)


So fun slash sad to compare last year and this year.  I hate that she looks so grown up now!




We walked allllll over that pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkin.  And by perfect I mean clean.  Pretty much all this girl cared about was finding a nice clean one which is super easy to do in a muddy field.  Yep.  Good thing her Guncle came to the rescue with a tiny, but clean pumpkin.  She’s a cheap date to the pumpkin patch.

That Sunday also happened to be my 30th Birthday.  Yikes, it hurts more to type it than it does to say it.  Oh well, if this is what 30 is like I think I can handle it :)



I just might have made my own cake.  What?  A girl can make her cake and eat it too!




My Grandma brought along a couple albums of old photos.  So fun to go through them all, also so embarrassing.  There was some major blackmail in those albums.


This last weekend was pretty mellow, lots of football watching and lounging around.  We did get out of the house on Saturday to take the little lady to a fun event at the local Al’s.  She got to plant some tulip bulbs and a pansy in her own little pot to take home with her.  Such a cute event and it was free!  We’ll definitely be taking her to this year after year, she loved it!







Hope everyone’s having a fun fall so far!

xoxo toni 2


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