Pumpkin Carving1

Two has been such a fun age so far.  Last night we carved pumpkins and Pres had so much fun cleaning out the pumpkin and then “cooking” (which is actually stirring) the pumpkin guts.  This is the first year where she really got to get in there and helped.

Pumpkin Carving2

Pumpkin Carving4

Pumpkin Carving3

Pumpkin Carving5

Everytime her Daddio would cut out piece, he would hand it to her and she would add it to the line of chunks on the counter and then count the whole line.  Over and over.  So cute!

Pumpkin Carving6

We discovered she’s definitely a fan of power tools :)

Pumpkin Carving9


Pumpkin Carving8

Pumpkin Carving10         Pumpkin Carving7

Pumpkin Carving11

We’re all ready for trick-or-treaters!

Happy Halloweenie!

xoxo toni 2


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