Happy Halloween

Hope you all had a fun Halloween!  We sure did :)  This was the first year Pres was able to understand (kind of) the whole Halloween deal- she was very into the costume part.  We decided she’d be Doc McStuffins quite a while ago since it’s her favorite cartoon.  Somewhere along the way the Mr. and I thought it would be really fun to dress up as some of Doc’s stuffed animals from the show.  We figured Pres would really get a kick out of it and she did!

Introducing Doc, Stuffy, Lambi, Hallie and Chilly!

Halloween2013 1PP

Have you seen a cuter Doc?!?

Halloween2013 2PP

Halloween2013 11PP

Halloween2013 3PP

Halloween2013 4PP

Halloween2013 5PP

Presley’s BFF came over to go trick-or-treating for the very first time and eat candy :)  They were so cute and SUCH polite little trick-or-treaters!  All of us parents had a “are we really out trick-or-treating with our own kids” moment.  So crazy!  We probably should have done a little “Intro to Trick-or-Treating” with Presley before we left… when the first door opened she walked right in the neighbors house :)  She really wanted that candy!

Halloween2013 7PP

Halloween2013 9PP

She even knocked on our door… and then Poppy gave her way too much candy!

Halloween2013 10PP

Although they had tons of fun going door to door.  They had the most fun handing out candy at our door.  Seriously- they LOVED it.  The kids that knocked on our door waited very patiently for Doc and Cinderella to add candy to their buckets.  Presley even told most of the kids she loved them, haha!  “Bye bye, love you kids!”

Halloween2013 8PP

I have a picture of Presley and Avery sitting on our couch from every Halloween, so we had to add to the tradition.  They weren’t really having it this year :)

Halloween2013 12PP

Our girls.

Halloween2013 13PP

Halloween2013 6PP

Such a fun night with these two! I have a feeling next year they’ll be much more into the CANDY part of Halloween :)

xoxo toni 2


13 thoughts on “trick-or-treat

  1. I was looking for Doc McSuffins items and your pictures came up and i have to so that you win at being parents. You also made a total stranger have a bright moment in her day. Thank you

    1. I just winged it with a glue gun, felt and poster board. For the wings I just used poster board to cut out the wing shape then covered that with felt. The tail is just two pieces of felt hot glued together and the scales are also felt hot glued to the tale and down the back of the sweatshirt. His horns are also poster board covered with felt. (cut out the poster board shape then cut out the felt just a bit bigger so you can allow for hot glue around the edges). Hope this helps at least a little :)

  2. This is too cute!! This will be my daughters first halloween. She’ll be lambie, I’ll be Doc and her dad is going to be stuffy . I will also be making his costume and I hope it comes out as cute as yours !!

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