a little girl time


Tonight when I was giving Pres a bath she asked me if we could paint her nails.  It is so funny how much this girl loves to have her toes painted.  Normally I can’t even get her to sit still long enough to tie her shoes, let alone for a pedicure.  But she just sits there and watches and says “ooooooo cute” (and in her language, cute is pronounced more like toot which makes it sooo much toooooooter).  So, since the Mr. was gone helping some friends move we decided we’d have a girls night.  Painted toes, danced to some of the CMA acts and ate ice cream in bed.

Nice little nights like these make me wonder if she’s always going to want to paint her toes with Momma or eat ice cream in bed.  Hope so.

These photos have nothing to do with our night, but I just stumbled upon them from Mother’s Day weekend and realized I never posted them.  She already looks so much older!  Plus, they’re so toot!




Oh hey there handsome!


xoxo toni 2


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