snickerdoodles with a little something extra

Amanda, from Kevin & Amanda, always posts the most delicious looking treats.  These Snickerdoodles were no different- so very yum!  The recipe made 40 and they were gone in two days… I’d say that’s the sign of a good cookie! :)

The recipe adds “a little something extra” to the Snickerdoodle in the way of toasted pecans, brown butter and oats.  They really are delicious!

Click here for the recipe :)

Snickerdoodle 4

My first time ever making brown butter… she actually says you should use it in all cookie recipes.

Snickerdoodle 5

Snickerdoodle 1

Snickerdoodle 2

My favorite baking helper checking on our cookies :)

Snickerdoodle 6

We’re getting ready to go to Black Butte for the weekend for our first (of many, hopefully) Friendsgivings.  So lots of baking/prepping will be happening tomorrow evening.  This will be the first big Thanksgiving style meal I’ve ever been to without a Mom or Grandma with years of cooking experiece under their belt… what do we do without Moms who know their way around the kitchen when cooking a huge meal like this?!?  We’ll find out! :)

xoxo toni 2


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