big girl room…

I’m not sure how this has possibly happened, but our little baby is ready for a big girl room.  Pretty much the only thing getting me through this is focusing on getting to redecorate.  Hopefully we’ll end up with a functional room that looks great at the same time.  I’m thinking less furniture and more room to actually play.  A fun little reading nook and plenty of floor space to play with many toys she’s accumulated.

I’m so excited about the perfect little bed we found that is almost identical to the Jenny Lind bed I’ve had my eye on.  For about a fifth of the price.  Just needs a fresh coat of white paint and we’ll be in business.  I’m on the search for a little dresser that won’t take up too much space.  I might have become addicted to Craigslist in this whole process.  But man, if you take the time to really search for the perfect item it’s SO worth it.  I also might have accidentally stumbled on a new bed for our room as well in this whole process :)  Anywho, something about spring being right around the corner and the sun coming out the last couple of days has me motivated to get projects going and do a little spring cleaning.  Lucky hoosband, he just loves when I go into this mode.  HA!

I’ve wanted to use this quote in her room for a long time and when I saw this photo of my Grandpa from a loooong time ago I knew it would just be perfect.

Hopefully we’ll get the bulk of the work done this week/weekend  and I’ll have some pictures to share :)

xoxo toni 2


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