Smith Rock

Last weekend we took a little weekend getaway to Black Butte.  Just the three of us.  We spent the Saturday afternoon at Smith Rock State Park wandering around and exploring with Presley.  It happened to be the first really nice weather we’d had in quite a while plus it was the first day of Spring Break so there were a LOT of people hiking and rock climbing.  Everything was great until it was time to walk back up the uphill part of the trail and Pres decided she wanted to be carried up… by her Momma.  We made it eventually :)

With the great weather and gorgeous sunset I had to get some snaps of the little lady.  I’ve decided it’s impossible to keep a two year old to stand still so we just chased her around with the camera.  This is pretty much how it goes all the time now!

Smith Rock2PP

Smith Rock3PP

Smith Rock7PP

Smith Rock4PP

Smith Rock5PP

^^  ^^  This is the real Presley Ryan!!  ^^  ^^

Smith Rock1PP

I can’t believe she’ll be turning three in a couple months!  How can that be!?

xoxo toni 2


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