hoppy easter… part 2

After chasing the little lady and her BFF around the tulip farm we were off to Nana and Papa’s for a late lunch and egg hunting fun.  This year Presley got to pal around with her cousin who was spending the week with Nana and Papa.  They had lots of fun hunting for eggs!   But first Pres wanted to give her cousin his Easter basket she picked out :)

Easter2014 18PP


^^  And they were off!  ^^

Easter2014 22PP

Easter2014 21PP

Easter2014 20PP

Easter2014 28PP

^^  A little ring around the rosie :)  ^^

Easter2014 23PP

Easter2014 24PP

Easter2014 25PP

After some dancing, bubble blowing and candy eating we headed out to the barn to check on the chicks and Nanamoo the friendly cow.

Easter2014 26PP

^^  Nothing like an Easter dress accessorized with rain boots :)  ^^

Easter2014 27PP

Easter2014 29PP

Easter2014 30PP

Easter2014 31PP

^^  This cow is so stinkin’ cute.  She’s so sweet to the kids^^

Easter2014 32PP

^^  I can’t even deal with this one  ^^

We really had a great Easter day.  It just so happened to end with me scrubbing cow poop of Presley’s legs :)

Actually our Sunday ended with a big Blazer win in their first playoff game.  Around our house this is a VERY big deal.  Here’s hoping for another big win tonight! #ripcity


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