can I eat one now?

On Memorial Day we took our girl to the strawberry patch for the first time.  She had so much fun but just couldn’t understand why she couldn’t eat all the berries she picked.  We really should have just weighed her before and after we started so she could eat as many as she wanted :)  When Daddy wasn’t looking I let her sneak a few.  It was our little secret.

I actually think the last time I picked strawberries was waaaay back in middle school.  It’s so funny how you don’t think about something for all these years and then when you’re doing it with your own child it brings up all the memories  I remember my Grandma taking us in the summer to a strawberry patch right by our house.  I’m pretty sure she let me eat as many as I wanted :)

The big moment when she weighed her bucket…. and could finally eat some!!

IF we were competitive people and having a biggest strawberry contest…  I might have won.

Who am I kidding.  I WON!


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