family photos with layce nicole photography

A couple months ago I received an email from a long time blog reader… say what!? (I was pretty sure my Mom, Mother-in-Law and Grandmas were the only people who I could consider consistent “readers”)   Anyways, the email was from Layce of Layce Nicole Photography and she was hoping to collaborate on a shoot with my little family.  Obviously, I jumped at the opportunity.

We met Layce at the beautiful Mt. Pisgah Arboretum in Eugene and wandered around chasing the light and trying not to sweat too much :)

I thought it would be fun to let Layce tell you a little about herself…


Layce:  I’ve always had a streak in me that wanted to do something creative. Photography was something that came natural to me and I loved it from the first time I picked up a camera. I’ve had a lot of inspiration in the past few years that caused me to see things like light or emotion differently and I desperately wanted to capture that. I got a few opportunities to grow and get better which lead to many of my clients passing my name along. Capturing real emotion and “that face” of a child that a mamas heart so badly wants on camera quickly become a passionate joy in my life.


Layce:  As natural as possible. We are surrounded by phenomenal beauty from the coast to farms to the high desert. When the sun appears in the Northwest the golden light it provides is absolutely stunning. Natural smiles are always the best. Just wait for that moment where a parent thinks “well it can’t get any worse, might as well laugh about it” and that moment is when I just got the winner of the shoot.


Layce:  Kids will be kids. The sooner they relax and put down their defenses about that dreadful “photo shoot” or the scary camera, the sooner mom gets the photos she so desires. After some trial and error with my own boys, two things became apparent. 1. Their attitude reflects mine immediately… the second I get grumpy or a bit flustered, they will as well. If I keep being cheerful or silly or chatty eventually they warm up. 2) When it’s time to get over the initial shyness, it’s time to get the kid involved in my job. I’ll have him or her look through the viewfinder and take a picture. Doesn’t matter what it looks like, they smile every time when they see the picture they took. Like magic, the rest of the session goes great.

^^ Miss P took this shot of her Daddy and me :)  Letting her take a picture became the bait to get her to sit still for a few more snaps.  Genius I tell ya! ^^

^^Eeeep!  That dimple kills me.  Kills^^

I can’t thank Layce enough for capturing this moment in time with my little family :)

Check out more of Layce’s work at:


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