first day of preschool

School has started, football is back and we have pumpkins on our front porch… yet I’m still in denial that fall has arrived.  We’ve had such great weather that until really recently it’s still felt like summer.  This summer has been so busy and for lots of different reasons kind of… well just weird.  I’m never excited to see summer go but this year it feels like fall is a new fresh start.

Speaking of fresh start… our little girl STARTED PRESCHOOL.  I’ll give you a second to let that sink in.  I’m not sure how this has happened but it’s making me feel like we’ll be packing her up for college before we know it.  I was a little nervous for her to start since she’s never really been around people she doesn’t know or people that aren’t family.  Luckily she absolutely LOVES school.  I mean LOVES it.  Her teachers are the sweetest ladies and she is pretty smitten with them.  She’s going to the cutest little preschool out in the country surrounded by farmland and horses :)  It’s actually the same place my Dad went to Sunday School.  He claims he was kicked out of that same Sunday School for literally climbing the walls so let’s hope P has a different experience.  Ha!

^^We have to stop to chat with the horses and rename them everyday when I drop her off^^

^^Her “pack pack” is always loaded with all of her necessities.  Lots of My Little Ponies :)^^

^^Right after she ditched me to get her name tag.^^

FirstDayPreschool 2014 Insta 2

^^  <3  ^^


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