sagebrush & heart

Sagebrush & Heart

After getting a nice big shove from my personal cheer squad I’ve finally opened up an Etsy shop to sell fun accessories for kiddos and some for grown ups too :)  I’ve been making hand stamped necklaces for a while now, and that’s turned into bracelets and headbands and who knows what else.  It’s been a great way to satisfy my crafting obsession :)

I don’t know why it seems so scary to put it all out there and actually try to sell some of the stuff but it is SO SCARY.   But here goes nothing!  Hopefully I’ll be able to figure out Etsy and get a few of the things that Pres and I have come up with listed in the next few days.  Presley decided she’s creative director and I’m her assistant :)  She would like her formal title to be “Pinkie Pie Rockstar Creative Director of Hearts”  Sounds pretty perfect :)

Sagebrush & Heart Bracelts for Mini's

We thought it would be fun to make some bracelets for Oregon fans since their getting ready to go to the big game!  You can find them here.

Sagebrush & Heart WTD Bracelet #oregonducks #ducksfootball

Sagebrush & Heart WTD Bracelet #oregonducks #ducksfootball

 Hopefully I’ll have some other items posted this week!


4 thoughts on “sagebrush & heart

  1. stop it. I’ve been wanting to make some for Rae’s 2nd birthday but I’d totally just buy from you instead! and your local! Do you have lavender colors?

    1. Hi there! Yes! I’m still doing bracelets… I just haven’t been good about updating Etsy since the bambino has come along. Still navigating life with two littles and all the extras! Is there something in particular you are looking for? If so, you can email me directly at Thanks!

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