little (almost) graduate

It’s 1:15am and I’m just finishing up setting up some fun surprises for our little gal who happens to be GRADUATING from preschool tomorrow… or actually today I guess.  I remember being so sad when she started school and now I’m so sad that preschool is ending.  We really grew to love her teachers… they were the first non family people I ever left Presley with and they have come to be some of her most favorite people. Her little school will always hold a special place in my heart.  I keep reminding myself Walker will be headed to preschool soon enough so it’s just good bye for now.

I’m so glad I took a snap of Pres at the beginning of the school year and on her last day.  Crazy how much she has grown in a school year!

First day of school…


Last day of school…

Last Day Preschool 2016-2

We are so proud of this little girl and we are so excited for her new adventure in Kindergarten!

Did I mention Walker also turns 8 months old today.  That’s a lot for this Momma to handle in one day!


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